Monday, 19 February 2018
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance appears to have been downgraded from its stunning PC beta version

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DSOGaming writes: "Prior to its release, Kingdom Come: Deliverance amazed a lot of gamers with its visuals. However, it appears that the final version has been noticeably downgraded compared to its beta build that was available to all Kickstarter backers."


Last Minute Makeover - Blake Lively

Added: 19.02.2018 10:54 | 0 views | 0 comments Enjoy playing this new last minute makeover game with Blake Lively! Blake is late for her next audition! But of course she still needs to make sure she looks great! Can you help her out by first giving her face a great facial? Then apply the gloss, eyeshadow, ... Finish up with a dress and accessories! Have fun :-)

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Princess Fight Evil

Added: 19.02.2018 10:54 | 0 views | 0 comments Princess Fight Evil is an online Kids game, it's playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system. The Evil Queen will attack Disney land this evening. Now you need to help the princesses to put on battle suits. When you did that, let's help our princesses practice their superpowers by shooting down 5 flying saucers and then battle with Evil Queen. Justice will prevail over evil!


IU You and I

Added: 19.02.2018 2:54 | 0 views | 0 comments Korea IU "You and Me", style fruit, grapes, apples, strawberries ... very cute

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Editor's Pick: Milan Fashion Week

Added: 18.02.2018 21:53 | 0 views | 0 comments It's that special time of year again and our editor Alice is in Italy for one of the biggest fashion events in the world: the Milan Fashion Week! Amazing designs will appear on the runway and Alice will also model for her favorite brand! Let's help Alice get ready for the fashion show!

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Dress Up Game Powerpuff Girls Demashita Z

Added: 18.02.2018 19:54 | 0 views | 0 comments The series takes place in New Townsville (Tokyo City in the original Japanese version). In order to stop an ecological disaster, Professor Utonium's son, Ken Kitzawa Utonium, uses Chemical Z, a new form of the Professor's original substance, Chemical X, to destroy a giant glacier. However, the impact of Chemical Z causes several black and white rays of light to appear in the skies above New Townsville. Three ordinary girls, Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru, are engulfed in white lights and become Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powered Buttercup, respectively. However, the numerous black lights cause others to turn to the side of evil, so the Powerpuff Girls Z must use their super powers to protect New Townsville from villains such as Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins among other villains.


Augmented reality detective game 'Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird' coming to iOS

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'Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird', an iOS detective game using augmented reality, is arriving in the App Store next month.


Super Creative Hats

Added: 18.02.2018 16:54 | 0 views | 0 comments Super creative hats, clothing in general, hats and accessories is the key, piano keys hat, gloves, hat, apple hat, black cat hat, there seems to be a British royal wedding of Prince William Princess worn hat.

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Clever And Cute

Added: 18.02.2018 12:53 | 0 views | 0 comments Even if she looks so powerful and self-confident, Tecna is not one of those perfect fairy living in the Magical Dimension. Tecna has trouble expressing her emotions and mostly she needs two or three girls around to approve or disapprove her looks... but I believe you girls can land her a helping hand and teach her some of your fashion secrets by playing the 'Clever And Cute ' dress up game, can you?

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